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n the era of competitive globalization, the ability to find, share and manage the company information become crucial for its well being. All the information gathered should be all time updated, therefore, the company or organization needs to improve their work quality by using Information Technology Provider as their solution.

PT. Charismasatria Trimitra (CST) offers a complete end-to-end business solutions from technology, e-business applications, web  hosting application, consulting,  and  general networking, computer hardware and software. PT. Charismasatria Trimistra (CST) provides our enterprise customer with the best products, services and supports available. All our  products, services and supports are design to ensure the around-clock availability of our customers business-critical applications.

Our primary focus is expert-level consulting for organization that desire someone who can make a significant impact within their organization. We help organizations improve the quality, reliability, and productivity of their software development process. With our skill and ability is to provide an integrated package of software software to young and dynamic companies of both domestic and foreign origin, so that they are relieved of the bureaucratic work and can devote their main attention to their principal field of business.



Perform every job with high responsibility.


Provide the best service for customer in a dynamic working environment.


Projects delivery, finishing jobs, are all done in timely manner.


Projects are done with accuracy and served with best quality service. Satisfaction guarantee.